CCPM Technology
(Computer Controlled Pressure Management)

Designed to prevent pressure sores and enable healing by natural means

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Active Massage Wheelchair Seating System

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G-100+ Custom built cushion (click for more info)

The G-100+ is our finest and most advanced system! Operating 100 hours plus running time on one charge, with a 20 hour reserve time after the "recharge now" light comes on. The G-100+ unit has an audible warning "BEEP" once every 1/2 hour when running on "reserve time", so that the user is notified when the system needs recharging 20 hours before the system is completely discharged! The G-100+ system uses nickel metal hydride batteries with a life expectancy of 7 years in this application.

G-5 Custom built cushion (click for more info)

We began producing the G-5 seating system three years ago. Since then, the G-5 system has become the best selling alternating pressure cushion in the industry. The G-5 system runs longer on a charge, 70 to 80 hours, with 12 to 20 hours reserve operating time. The G-5 system is priced far below other maker's systems, yet has more advanced technology and a patented operating system that is very reliable in service. 

Stage 1  "one size fits all" overlay cushion (click for more info)

The Stage 1 Cushion Overlay System is the most recent addition to our Alternating Pressure Cushion product line. Now, all the benefits of the famous CCPM Alternating Pressure Technology at the price of an uncomfortable non-moving static cushion! Stage 1 is designed specifically to prevent pressure sores and to relieve pain common to people with MS, MD, ALS and similar problems. Stage 1 is also very appropriate for some people with spinal cord injuries.

Stage 1 Waterproof  overlay cushion (click for more info)

This Stage 1 Waterproof Cushion Overlay System has the same vinyl enclosed pump and smart charger as the standard stage 1. It is furnished with an 18 x 18 cushion overlay in a washable and waterproof cover. This cushion is recommended when incontinence or soiling may be a problem. It is often used in managed care facilities for ambulatory and geriatric patients.

You will find the stage 1 to be a real blessing for the user and a wonderful way to reduce the workload on the caregiver. The person using a stage 1 will sit far more comfortably for a much longer time and the soft tissue will stay healthy.

The stage 1 waterproof cushion is very versatile: it can be used in an automobile seat, wheelchair, or lounge chair. It can also be used in bed between the hips or other bony areas where the possibility of pressure sores is present.

The waterproof cover is removable and washable. Stage 1 has a full one year warranty from date of purchase.

Alternating Pressure Mattresses

The EFFECT 5000 mattress is a very good and affordable mattress that is of the "overlay" type. It is to be placed over the regular mattress on the bed. It is a single bed or hospital bed size. If placed on a king sized bed, the mattress will cover half the bed. Many of these mattresses are sold to people who travel, for use on hotel/motel beds or even for use in a van, with available 12-volt to 110 VAC inverter, making the EFFECT 5000 a truly versatile piece of equipment.

The AeroDyne PT 1100 Alternating Pressure Mattress system delivers pressure relief with 288 cycle changes per day. The unique pressure monitoring system uses technologically advanced pressure sensors, which monitor patient movement and adjusts air pressure within the mattress to insure maximum pressure relief.


This is a superior High technology mattress at an affordable cost! The AeroDyne Premier control unit gives you the ability to select alternating cycle times or float mode. You may also select firm mode for easy transfers and nursing procedures. Select "Upright" mode for added support while in the articulated position to prevent "bottoming out".

The new AiroDyne Premier is a powered alternating pressure / low air loss mattress replacement designed to treat and prevent pressure sores Stage l - Stage lV. The state-of-the-art digital pump is microprocessor controlled and gives the user the choice between static air loss and low air loss alternating pressure. The AiroDyne Premier is made of highest quality materials making it durable and reliable for homecare, long-term care, and sub-acute environments.


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